Benji York wrote:
Stephan's ZSCP proposal suggests using the package name "z3c" for "community" packages. IOW, packages that aren't part of a larger collection like lovely.*, zc.*, etc.. There are currently several z3c packages in existence.

The packages currently use the package name "zorg". I personally (and at least a couple other people feel the same way) like zorg better than z3c. I'd like to propose that zorg become the name space package for otherwise homeless modules/packages.

(In fairness, I'll note that Stephan likes z3c better, and that name is already in semi-wide-spread use).

+1 to zorg, for various reasons:

It's pronouncable. People can say zorg, and it's less syllables than z3c if you manage to pronounce the latter.

It's cute:

* zorg sounds like an evil alien emperor


  "Yes emperor Zorg, immediately!"

* zorg sounds like a very biological species of alien: Swarms of zergs, I mean, zorgs, completely overwhelmed the Terran command post.

* zorg is actually a common word in Dutch. It means "care", and can be used in contects like healthcare. Steve Alexander saw a van here with the word "zorg" once and was highly amused.


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