On 27.08.2006, at 18:53, Dieter Maurer wrote:

Roger Ineichen wrote at 2006-8-25 18:27 +0200:
The reason why;
We really have no time to do this in the next couple of
month. And the option sombody else doing it is also *NO*
option because we have allready productive projects build
on this libraries and have no time to migrate them for
nothing. Yes renaming the z3c namspace whould technicaly
possible, but for me(us) it's just a waist of time right
now. Could be that I will change my mind in the future
but not in the next couple of months.

I have no opinion on namespaces (especially, whether or not
"z3c" should be renamed).

But technically, it would be extremely easy:

  If nothing else would change than the top level name,
  then a single module alias (e.g. "sys.modules['z3c'] = zorg")
  would suffice to let all existing software work as before.

yes, but this "hack" have to be applied on all running instances we have some z3c packages running

on the other side all the externals of all our projects need to be updated

and this is really a waste of time as long there are no releases of those packages, currently only the initial developers of the z3c packages are actively working on those packages, i would say let us talk about this issue in a few month again

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