On Oct 21, 2006, at 11:41 PM, Fred Drake wrote:

On 10/21/06, Perry Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
It is easy to find Zope 2 documentation for these items but I have not seen
how much Zope 3 kept or changed.

For Zope 3 are these the right places to look:

Yes, those are the right place.  I've added links to these documents
in the documentation section of the Zope 3 wiki.

Thanks. They are fairly old. Appendix C of the Zope book (which is Zope 2) has a number of items that are not listed in those pages. I don't know if they apply to Zope 3. Also, last night, I was reading about "Content Providers" and "Viewlets and Viewlet Managers" which are TAL statements not listed in Appendix C or the TAL 1.4 Spec.

You can find those pages by clicking the "Help" from the administration panel, click API, then click Book. This isn't a link to the Zope 3 book.

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