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I don't know if they apply to Zope 3.  Also, last night, I was reading
about "Content Providers" and "Viewlets and Viewlet Managers" which
are TAL statements not listed in Appendix C or the TAL 1.4 Spec.

TAL statements, or expression types?  The set of expression types is,
as Benji notes, extensible.

You can find those pages by clicking the "Help" from the
administration panel, click API, then click Book.  This isn't a link
to the Zope 3 book.

We should probably make the fundamental ZPT documentation accessible
using the Zope 3 help system.  I don't know if it makes more sense to
include that in the "online help" or the "apidoc" portions of the
system (I suspect the former, using links to the online
specifications), but I'll leave the decision to whoever has time to
add that.  :-)


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