Thanks for your response Marius

>Really?  Usually in Zope 3 ( or zope.formlib) the context
>of an add form is the IAdding view.  To get the container you have to
>use self.context.context.

The default implementation according to z3c.form documentation is that an
AddForm is registered for an IContainer, using create and add, since IAdding
is "overkill".

>You did not say what the problem was.

I guess my problem is that I have no clue how to get a simple subform to
work in AddForms.  I was excited that the z3c.form seemed to promise a very
simple implementation to accomplish subforms, yet the documentation for this
is lacking other than subforms within an EditForm, which I have yet to get

>I suspect that you ought to have a simple subform here (nor an add form,
>since you're not going to add the address object into a container --
>you're going to set it on an attribute; also not an edit form since the
>address object doesn't exist yet).
>I'm not familiar with z3c.form, but I'm betting that it follows the same
>conventions as the older Zope 3 form modules.

There is no simple subform, there is only an EditSubForm in the subform
module.  Perhaps I need to use a regular Form or BaseForm (which EditSubForm
i based on), but I have no clue on how to get this working.  The formlib
packaged used a custom widget to accomplish subforms, but from what I read
about z3c.form is that this is simplified and all you need to do is add some
statements in the update method.

Again, thank for your response and any help still appreciated.

Mats Nordgren

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