On Saturday 16 June 2007 12:02, Marius Gedminas wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 15, 2007 at 10:52:24AM -0700, gnosis wrote:
> > I've been trying out the new z3c form package and like what I see.  I am
> > having problems getting a subform in an AddForm though.  The subform.txt
> > covers EditForms where you have a context object to work on, in an
> > AddForm the context is the underlying IContainer.
> Really?  Usually in Zope 3 (zope.app.form or zope.formlib) the context
> of an add form is the IAdding view.  To get the container you have to
> use self.context.context.

z3c.form does not support the lame IAdding pattern by default. That said, I 
feel inclined to add an "AddingAddForm" to the compatibility module but 
strongly discourage its use.

> >     def update(self):
> >         self.address = AddressAddForm(self.context.address, self.request)
> > ## <---- Problem area
> You did not say what the problem was.

The context does not have an attribute called "address".

> I suspect that you ought to have a simple subform here (nor an add form,
> since you're not going to add the address object into a container --
> you're going to set it on an attribute; also not an edit form since the
> address object doesn't exist yet).
> I'm not familiar with z3c.form, but I'm betting that it follows the same
> conventions as the older Zope 3 form modules.

Right, you could use a sub-form just fine, since you do not need all the 
actions. But you will need to customize the widget creation to ignore the 

> >         self.address.update()
> >         super(RestaurantAddForm, self).update()

This reminds me; this needs to be the other way around, because you need to 
first create the parent object.

> >     def create(self, data):
> >         r = Restaurant()
> >         r.name = data['name']
> >         r.description = data['description']
> >         r.address = data['address']

Mmh, this will not work either, because the data will not contain the address 

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