Thanks for your reply.  I'm still having problems getting this to work.

I'm not sure I am supposed to use a BaseForm, Form, AddForm, or what, for
the sub-item.  I'm not sure how to register it in zcml to not get adaption
errors when I run it.

Would there be any chance to have the example with the "car" and "owner" in
the Sub-Form doc test included in the formdemo package.  I'd like to see
that included with "Class I" and "Class II" for both AddForm and EditForm
since it is such a common use case.

Perhaps I'm just dense, but I still have problems converting doc tests into
an actual working zope instance.  The formdemo package was a god send to get
a simple addform working since I had no idea you needed to use the
IFormLayer.  Using the demo that was no longer a problem.

Again thanks for all your help.

Mats Nordgren

> Hi 
>>  Betreff: [Zope3-Users] z3c.form and subforms in an AddForm?
>>  I've been trying out the new z3c form package and like what I 
>>  see.  I am having problems getting a subform in an AddForm 
>>  though.  The subform.txt covers EditForms where you have a 
>>  context object to work on, in an AddForm the context is the 
>>  underlying IContainer.
>>  Here is what I have, using formdemo examples as the basis.  
>>  Any help on getting this to work is greatly appreciated.
>>  IRestaurant with address attribute using schema.Object 
>>  holding an IAddress.
>>  browser/
>>  class RestaurantAddForm(AddFormLayoutSupport, form.AddForm):
>>      """Add form"""
>>      template = None
>>      layout = None
>>      contentName = None
>>      label = u'Add Restaurant'
>>      fields = field.Fields(IRestaurant).omit('address')
>>      def update(self):
>>          self.address = AddressAddForm(self.context.address, 
>>  self.request) ##
>>  <---- Problem area
>>          self.address.update()
>>          super(RestaurantAddForm, self).update()
> You can add a custom setupWidgets method in the sub form which
> disables the context adaption.
> Stephan and I duscussed this during development, I think we
> should add the hook into the form. He thinks not. But I guess
> we have to discuss this once again.
> Here is the method for context less forms:
> def updateWidgets(self):
>     self.widgets = zope.component.getMultiAdapter(
>         (self, self.request, self.getContent()), interfaces.IWidgets)
>     self.widgets.ignoreContext = True
>     self.widgets.ignoreReadonly = True
>     self.widgets.update()
>>      def create(self, data):
>>          r = Restaurant()
>> = data['name']
>>          r.description = data['description']
>>          r.address = data['address']
>>          return r
>>      def add(self, object):
>>          self._name =
>>          self.context[self._name] = object
>>          return object
>>      def nextURL(self):
>>          return absoluteURL(self.context[self._name], self.request)
> Regards
> Roger Ineichen

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