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> Betreff: Re: [Zope3-Users] AW: z3c.form and subforms in an AddForm?
> Roger,
> Thanks for your reply.  I'm still having problems getting 
> this to work.
> I'm not sure I am supposed to use a BaseForm, Form, AddForm, 
> or what, for the sub-item.  I'm not sure how to register it 
> in zcml to not get adaption errors when I run it.
> Would there be any chance to have the example with the "car" 
> and "owner" in the Sub-Form doc test included in the formdemo 
> package.  I'd like to see that included with "Class I" and 
> "Class II" for both AddForm and EditForm since it is such a 
> common use case.
> Perhaps I'm just dense, but I still have problems converting 
> doc tests into an actual working zope instance.  The formdemo 
> package was a god send to get a simple addform working since 
> I had no idea you needed to use the IFormLayer.  Using the 
> demo that was no longer a problem.
> Again thanks for all your help.

Ok, the context less demo is in revision 76745.


line 489 - 608

Roger Ineichen

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