On Tuesday 19 June 2007 11:49, Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
> I have currently the problem that I registered my pagelets but I cannot
> access them. There are no errors, though, but my registered pagelets
> (e.g. "edit.html" / "index.html") are not found by zope.

Are you sure your skin has the correct layer in it? Have you looked at the 
Hello World example in z3c.formdemo?

> Moreover I wonder how to add the addform to the ZMI menu - the
> <browser:addMenuItem.. > does not work as it cannot find a view with a
> proper name (= my add view). Moreover the "menu="zmi_views"" directive at
> the edit page seems also to be unknown.

Unfortunately, without creating a view for IAdding, you cannot register a menu 
item for the add menu. You can still use the menuItem directive to register 
an action menu item for a given context.

As Roger pointed out in his responses, we are not using the IAdding or menu 
pattern at all, because it is very slow (seriously, using the add menu can 
cost you easily 1-2 seconds per request) and a lot of framework overhead.

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