Am Freitag, 15. Juni 2007 19:52 schrieb gnosis:
> I've been trying out the new z3c form package and like what I see.  I am
> having problems getting a subform in an AddForm though.  The subform.txt
> covers EditForms where you have a context object to work on, in an AddForm
> the context is the underlying IContainer.
> Here is what I have, using formdemo examples as the basis.  Any help on
> getting this to work is greatly appreciated.

I am currently also testing z3c.form - and I have also problems translating 
the doctests into a working example.

I have currently the problem that I registered my pagelets but I cannot access 
them. There are no errors, though, but my registered pagelets 
(e.g. "edit.html" / "index.html") are not found by zope.

Moreover I wonder how to add the addform to the ZMI menu - the 
<browser:addMenuItem.. > does not work as it cannot find a view with a proper 
name (= my add view). Moreover the "menu="zmi_views"" directive at the edit 
page seems also to be unknown.

Any clues?

Best Regards,

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