On Wednesday 20 June 2007 10:43, Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
> How did you do that? I managed it the following way:
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> from zope.app.appsetup.interfaces import IDatabaseOpenedWithRootEvent
> from zope.app.appsetup.bootstrap import getInformationFromEvent
> @adapter(IDatabaseOpenedWithRootEvent)
> def addFoobar(event):
>     db, connection, root, root_folder = getInformationFromEvent(event)
>     if 'swarmfinder' not in root_folder:
>         root_folder['foobar'] = Foobar()
> ------------- snip ----------------
> What I dislike here is that there that I use the
> function "getInformationFromEvent", which is already called in the function
> where in the event is triggered; Especially it does a "database.open()",
> which is maybe not a good idea as the database is already opened.
> Is there a cleaner way

Yeah, people at ZC prefer using generations. Others (including me), on the 
other hand, have developed z3c.configurator and z3c.sampledata, which can 
setup entire applications for you.

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