On 6/26/07, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Tuesday 26 June 2007 03:52, George Wright wrote:
> Question: Is it generally recommended that when installing eggs the
> PYTHONPATH temporarily be set to empty?

My Pythopn Path is always empty except in special cases when I test something
very specific.

In my case, I use archgenxml very often which now requires a Zope 3.3
installation or a Zope 2.10 one, so I have this set in my bashrc.
Also, when trying to access Zope 3 libraries from python console,
since I am still in Zope 3.3, there are no eggs available for that
installation so I need to set my PYTHONPATH to test things.
IOW, specific things. So I believe it is common to have this unset.


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