On Thursday 28 June 2007 08:45, Maciej Wisniowski wrote:
> Maybe I'm missing something
> obvious... but how should I install z3c.form if I want
> to use this with my existing zope instance.

There are several ways of doing it based on your religion of distutils.

> I mean I have zope 3.3.1, downloaded from zope.org
> in tar.gz file and installed in my system.
> If I execute easy_install z3c.form then i get a lot of
> eggs that I don't want because I already have my zope
> and new eggs seems to be from zope 3.4 alpha
> version, eg.:
> (...)
> zope.app.i18n-3.4.0a1-py2.4.egg
> zope.app.http-3.4.0a1
> (...)

Right, the Zope 3 releases are not eggified yet.

> Should I manually download just necessary eggs?

That would be the easiest. Download the "tar.gz" file from the cheeseshop, 
extract it and then copy or link the source to the correct location.

> What is preffered way to do it?

Eventually, the preferred way will be to build applications using only eggs, 
like I did in z3c.formdemo. This process, however, is poorly documented at 
this point and requires significant effort on your side to study how buildout 
and setuptools work.

So for now, copying the code to the correct location is okay. You can also 
always use checkouts as well, of course.

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