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I'm using a modified IntId utility which starts IDs at 1 and counts upwards, too. I needed some permanent link for each object which was easy to implement via IntId. The modification was made to safe keystrokes when typing the permalink. Typing
http://server/~251 is a lot easier than http://server/~344357462 :-) .

However, I don't use those IDs for anything else - like sorting.

We do. We use 64-bit intids arranged in ways that help with our most common sorting requirements (usually time related). Higher-order bits provide the sort order we care about, and the remaining lower- order bits provide randomness so that we reduce the chance of conflict errors. (It still can have a higher theoretical chance for conflict errors than the "classic" intid approach to assigning keys, but the BTree conflict resolution algorithm should eliminate the increase in practice.)

So, we don't follow the exact pattern in the original post, and using the general pattern has subtleties you need to get right. For instance, you need to avoid conflict errors, as Stefan mentioned; and, for simplicity, we regard intids to be immutable and so they should only be tied to immutable data points about your objects. But we believe the idea--letting intids have meaning, particularly for sorting--has merit generally.

...sigh, we need to do some open-sourcing.  We've been pretty busy.

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