On Sunday 18 November 2007, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> > 3. A new "links.html" file now lists all packages in one URL, so that it
> > is suitable for the "find-links" option. (I have not tested this yet,
> > anyone?)
> That's quite useful when combining multiple KGSs

Yes, it actually does. However, this can be a little bit misleading. By 
default, when no index is specified, PyPI will be used as index and find 
links are only used to extend beyond PyPI. However, PyPI will provide more 
versions than the KGS find-links. So in order to use it properly, you have to 
specify a Null-Index. Please correct me, if I am wrong.

> You have a typo there. The buildout option is called "extends", not
> "extend".


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