On Sunday 18 November 2007, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> > 5. There is now an introduction page called "intro.html" that lists all
> > versions and files. It also explains how to use the files. See:
> > http://download.zope.org/zope3.4/intro.html
> You have a typo there. The buildout option is called "extends", not
> "extend".

Hi Phillip,

I was actually hoping that you could provide me with a little blurb on how to 
best use the KGS with zopeproject. Actually, I think it would be really cool, 
if you could just have a command-line option specifying the KGS, like::


Of course, less specific choices would include something like this::


On the other hand, I wonder whether Zope and zopeproject releases should be 
somewhat synced, so that a particular line of zopeproject releases uses a 
particular KGS by default

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