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On Dec 6, 2007, at 8:51 AM, Jean-François Roche wrote:


I am working with zope 2 and an happy user of buildout.

But ... as soon as I am trying to use package such as z3c.sqlalchemy
or z3c.menu I get "polluted" by zope 3 depedencies which of course brake
my buildout environment.

So question: Does someone know a way to tell to zc.buildout that he
shouldnt install the depedencies of an egg which is defined in the "egg
=" of the buildout section inside the buildout.cfg ?

There is no way to do that. Doing so doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

Ok :( , what should i do ?

 * Recompile my own eggs without depedencies ?
* run my instance with a Makefile with a script which removes unwanted
depedencies ?
 * using/create another recipe to remove selected depedencies ?
 * try to convince you that it is a good idea ?

None of the above. What is the harm of the dependencies?

If it is because Zope 2 includes many of the same packages outside of eggs, then this is a Zope 2 problem, not a buildout problem. This particular issue has been discussed a number of times. The solution, short of eggifying Zope 2, is to add egg-info directories to Zope 2 so that setuptools can see that the dependencies are already satisfied.

If it's because extra dependencies annoy you, I'm unmotivated.


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