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issues, but again I find myself fighting against my natural instincts.
Where's some end user documentation?

I've started learning buildout 3 weeks ago and I've found this document (the latter) extremely useful, because it is not a low- level reference but rather a 30000-feets view with opinions, some examples, some ideas, and it explains the 'why' and the 'when'. It has helped me understanding buildout quickly, to the point of using it for production on small projects. And I'm now saving lots of time installing preview and final versions. Temporarily switching final eggs to develop-eggs to quickly fix some bug is another interesting idea suggested by this document and it will eventually help improving zope because it makes it so easy to test and commit even a minor issue in a particular environment, without interfering with anything else. Btw, I've started a translation of this tutorial, and I was suddenly wondering what was its license? (I didn't find a mention)

I'm glad you found it useful. It is ZPL. Translate away. BTW, as you find bugs/typos, feel free to make corrections. The source is in the doc directory of the buildout project.


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