On Friday 07 December 2007, Christophe Combelles wrote:
> I'm also understanding that a subform template is not very different from a
> form template, and I'm wondering whether this would be possible for the
> div-form.pt or table-form.pt to be used as a subform by omitting the <form>
> tag with some conditional tal:omit-tag?

Well, the div-form.pt file declares actually a multitude of macros. All those 
macros are registered in div-form.zcml using the "z3c:macro" directive. You 
can use them in TAL using the "macro:" TALES namespace that comes with 
the "z3c.macro" package. Look at the addressbook form demo; it uses several 
of those macros.

> For this part I've found a sequence widget in z3c.widget, but I still have
> to make it work.

Unfortunately, the "z3c.widget" widgets are all still written for the old form 
and widget API. :-( Of course, I would love those to be reimplemented for 
z3c.form. Again, I can provide guidance in doing this.

BTW, I am also available for hire to implement needed widgets.

I think as the popularity of z3c.form increases, it would be very interesting 
to have a z3c.form sprint. Does someone want to volunteer organizing one?

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