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I'm creating a simple user-administration,

Hi, I'm currently doing exactly the same thing :)
(user management with z3c.form, and the class for my users derives from zope.app.authentication.principalfolder.InternalPrincipal )

which requires the user to type in the password and a password confirmation. For that, I have an interface which contains the attributes "password" and "password_confirm". Of course, only the password is stored as an object attribute.

When I now use form.EditForm for editing this object, z3c.form raises an error as it cannot find the required attribute in the context for the "password_confirm" widget.

I'm not sure this is a good idea to have "password_confirm" in the interface, because it would mean that your user has two passwords (from an interface point-of-view). The password confirmation should just be part of the form validation. Maybe you have to manually add a field in the form (I'm just going to try that). If you really want to have both password in the interface, you have to implement both attribute, and the password_confirm can just be a property whose 'get' retrieves the password and whose 'set' just checks that the value (that should actually be a hash) is the same as the 'password'.


What's the suggested way to circumvent this problem?

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