On 3/3/08, Andreas Jung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The official Python version for Zope 3.3/3.4 is Python 2.4, not 2.5.
> Andreas

OK. I will try Python2.4 first, though in my development installation
using also Python2.5 but will different versions of packages (because
I ran zopeproject at an earlier time), there is no such problem as I
have run 'ab' against it.

Anyway, can someone tellme what the following error usually means?

2008-03-03T11:02:36 CRITICAL ZODB.DB DB.open() has 258 open
connections with a pool_size of 7

Also, I hope there is a way for zopeproject to pull a known good set
of component versions, so I can ran zopeproject multiple times to
build the same version of production environment.

I've heard of the KGS concetp but don't know how to apply it to zopeproject.

Hong Yuan

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