On 03.03.2008, at 15:08, Jim Fulton wrote:

On Mar 3, 2008, at 4:00 AM, Jodok Batlogg wrote:
paster opens a lot of threads.

That's odd. That must depend on the server used. The zope.server server factory uses 4 by default. The cherrypy server uses 10.

you should limit them...
specify sth. like:

threadpool_workers = 4
threadpool_spawn_if_under = 0
threadpool_max_requests = 0

This appears to be incomplete. You would need a use option to specify which server to use and I'm wondering what server these options are for and which zopeproject uses by default.

sorry, i've been speaking about the paste http server:

use = egg:paste#http
host =
port = 8531


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