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> I don't think a wiki page with a chronicle is necessary or even
> helpful; you need to give us the information necessary to find the
> bug, but no distracting surrounding information.


>  To debug this
> problem, a developer will need the smallest possible example of code
> that demonstrates the problem. That means, I take it, just 2 schemas
> and a single form. Describe briefly what you expect to happen and what
> in fact happens. If that example can be done *without* inheriting from
> Field that'd be good, as it is true that Field is only to be used
> inside a schema definition and once someone sees that we'll conclude
> that's the cause of the problem even though it might not be.

It is interesting that in table 4.1 of Philipp W's book it specifically
states that Field is the base class for all other fields. So how does
one build fields that are noot part of the standard zope.schema?

> Once we have the example someone can either debug the problem, or tell
> you what you're trying to do isn't the right way to do it.

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