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Hi Chris,
Thanks for the opportunity to address these issues.

> Hang on, you're making out this project of yours is some big deal,

Well, it is kind of a big deal in healthcare.  Simplistix (and others)
may be interested in the fact that the UK NHS CfH project (the world's
largest heathcare project) is using this technology in it's

>  and 
> yet when questioned on whether you use sane development practises, you 
> throw your hands up in the air...

Hmmmm, somehow I think that this is a misunderstanding.

> If anyone is developing any kind of serious project, even as a "ZCA 
> user", I'd expect them to have automated unit tests with execellent 
> coverage. If you don't, then your project starts to look pretty weak.

Our project (OSHIP) *DOES* have unit tests that are comprehensive.
Remember that my complaint is about the ZCA not covering all test cases;
i.e. multiple Object fields simply return and empty list AS AN ERROR
when there really isn't an error at all.  This means that the ZCA tests
do not fully cover the cases.

> > If you are expecting ZCA users to be full time Python gurus then why
> > have two mailing lists?  
> zope-dev is for the development *of* the zope libraries
> zope3-users is for people developing software *with* the zope libraries.

... and that is why I started my question as a ZCA user but then went to
the development list because the issue is obviously a ZCA core issue.

I have received some other off-list advice and I do appreciate their

One interesting comment was that this cannot be understood in 15 minutes
(probably my lack of ability to explain it) and that being such an edge
case it is on me to supply the complete solution.  

Fortunately, we have received funding for a project based on this
framework and I will place this issue at the forefront.

Thanks to the ZCA community for enduring my rants and hopefully in the
coming weeks we can contribute to the zope.schema code and test cases
that will exercise this demon.


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