>>  To debug this
>> problem, a developer will need the smallest possible example of code
>> that demonstrates the problem. That means, I take it, just 2 schemas
>> and a single form. Describe briefly what you expect to happen and what
>> in fact happens. If that example can be done *without* inheriting from
>> Field that'd be good, as it is true that Field is only to be used
>> inside a schema definition and once someone sees that we'll conclude
>> that's the cause of the problem even though it might not be.
> It is interesting that in table 4.1 of Philipp W's book it specifically
> states that Field is the base class for all other fields. So how does
> one build fields that are noot part of the standard zope.schema?

Yes, you do create new schema fields by subclassing from Field.

It's just that we saw you putting a field not in a schema but in what
looked like a concrete object. Perhaps we were wrong in reading your
code, and this is one reason why you should come up with a minimum
example that demonstrates the problem and only that, without a lot of
distracting code surrounding it. You're the best suited person to
actually create a minimum example.


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