Seems there will be no Zope4. Puts a fond hope to rest.

I have one large Zope2 (Zope 2.6) project, one large Zope3 (Zope 3.4)
project, two medium sized Grok projects, one GAE project, allof them need
to be maintained beyond two years.
I would like, if possible, to redevelop them using ONE single framework.
While some of the original developers are available, most work would need
to be done through people who need to be trained from the ground up.

My first choice (mainly because I have a complex Zope3 project to
redevelop) would be Bluebream, even if it means using ZCML and programming
in ZCA-shackles. But I am speaking without any real experience of it.
(Negative press ensured that I did not go for it...)

Any suggestions?

Thanks and regards
Milind Khadilkar
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