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 > > I think plain mailhosts will do the sending thing quite well, they
 > > handle mail sending using an external mail server :-)
 > True, they do use an external server. But can they handle a really large
 > volume of mail? I seem to remember getting an error just sending about 35
 > messages a month ago, but I could have something misconfigured...

Good point.  On the other hand, if you have a volume like this, you
probably already have a mailing list and server of some sort.  Zope
just needs to send one message to the list server...  Yeah, this is a
kludge.  So was my suggestion to use cron and xmlrpc.

The perfect solution involves a mailing list server integrated with
Zope, e.g. ZMailman.  This would probably also provide mailing list
archives integrated with Zope and ZCatalog and easy integration of
mailing list and PTK/Squishdot discussion traffic.  This has been
talked about before.  IMHO, a *lot* of people would like to see it,
including some of the Mailman developers, but no one has the time to
do it.

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