mindlace wrote:
> I don't quite see why MailHost isn't "low level integration"

Does MailHost do recieves as well as sends?

> > My dream would be for Zope to pipe an email address to a specific
> > object/method without the need for any external mail servers or
> > scripts...
> Making Zope an MTA seems like a lot of extra work.  Now, Zope as an IMAP
> server I could get my head around...

Forgive my ignorance, but what is the difference?

> Well... I think that it's probably the shortest route to a functioning
> zope archive to use mailman-  already written in python, and modular
> enough that we should be able to take it one step at a time.

If this approach would let users email content into things like the PTK,
or more generally to create Zope objects by emailing content to an
address that corresponds to a Zope method or object then that's what I'm
on about.

Archiving mailing lists shouldn't be a big issue since there are already
Zope mailing list archives that are searchable in ways currently more
powerful than ZCatalog has to offer.

> Note that no mailing list software I know of tries to be an MTA.  With
> sooo many different implementation issues, making zope an MTA would be a
> big challenge, IMNSHO.

If it's not necessary, then don't do it, but if it is to get true
mailing of content into Zope then lets get started on it it now so the
end result arrives sooner...



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