ethan mindlace fremen wrote:
> An imap server stores the messages that have been recieved.  An MTA
> (Mail Transport Agent) goes about sending mail from one place to
> another.  If there were an IMAP server in zope, you could "recieve" the
> mail as an object in zope, but it would still be delivered to zope by an
> MTA.

Which raises the question: What MTA would you use for a Zope IMAP server
and does it matter? Again, forgive me if that's a stupid question ;-)

> Unless you want to extend what you can do with an email.  I would really
> like to be able to take emails that people send to and
> propogate them to different sections of the site, for example.

Yup, this sounds like mail-in content to me, which is what I'm after :-)

> Based off of what you're saying, I think it would be more appropriate to
> try to go for an imap server in zope.  Note that this is non-trivial too
> :).

Well, how do we get started? (I may not be the best person as you can
see from my lack of knowledge in this area ;-)



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