You both had the same problem I have now: make Oracle 8i (in my case, Oracle
8.1.6) work with Zope.
DCOracle is working well (Makefile attached to this message) but ZOracle
isn't running yet.

We are posting e-mails about it on the list for a while and nobody answered,
so I must think that nobody on Zope universe is using Oracle 8i (neither NT
nor Linux Oracle 8i client).
There isn't any detailed documentation about it. The ZOracle installation
instructions are simple but, in my opinion, incomplete.

To solve this situation, I'm making a call to everybody that uses or wants
to use Zope with Oracle 8i. My goal is finally document the installation
process and make it work properly.

Please contact me ASAP.


Alexandre A. Drummond Barroso.


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