Hey guys,

I am now lucky to get the Oracle 8i connection working. Here is what I did :

1) Download and install the latest Oracle 8.1.6 Release 2.
- the previous Oracle 8.0.5 and 8.1.5 are broken as hell, the executables will
not even link and there is a lot of unresolved symbols. I wonder on which
distro Oracle tested that, it will not work on Debian, definitely. Did not
expect Oracle to be such CRAP!!! 8.1.6R2 is much better.
- be sure not to want too much from Java wizards. They like to crash a lot, in
both 8.1.5 and 8.1.6

1.1) When asked to run a script root.sh as root, first check the script and
correct the path to awk. In script it thinks it is /bin/awk, on Debian it is
/usr/bin/awk. Other distros may vary. Run the script as root.

2) Download latest beta of DCOracle

3) Download and install the latest beta of ZOracleDA. Replace DCOracle included
in the product with the latest beta of DCOracle, which includes Setup-8.1.5 for
linking with Oracle 8i. It should build now according to instructions.

4) Install ZOracleDA as outlined in docs

4.5) Not sure about this, but hell, my setup now works. So you may try...
            a) Put ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE, ORACLE_SID into /etc/profile, so
that everyone has these set up.
            b) Symlink tnsnames.ora for
$ORACLE_HOME/product/8.1.6/network/admin to /etc/tnsnames.ora.
            c) Double check file permissions on $ORACLE_HOME/*
            d) Edit /etc/oratab as needed, start up the databases.

5) Restart Zope.

Now it works for me (Zope 2.1.4), and works for 2 days, did not try any heavy
loads, etc, though. At least it connects and I can browse inside the database.

It gave me some strange error like invalid connection string for some time, but
probably after performing something from 4.5, it now works well, Zope will not
freeze, and it works for two days now.

Hope this helps anyone, we spent three+ days getting this f*cking Oracle to
work :-(

Michal Bukovjan

"Alexandre A. Drummond Barroso" wrote:

> You both had the same problem I have now: make Oracle 8i (in my case, Oracle
> 8.1.6) work with Zope.
> DCOracle is working well (Makefile attached to this message) but ZOracle
> isn't running yet.
> We are posting e-mails about it on the list for a while and nobody answered,
> so I must think that nobody on Zope universe is using Oracle 8i (neither NT
> nor Linux Oracle 8i client).
> There isn't any detailed documentation about it. The ZOracle installation
> instructions are simple but, in my opinion, incomplete.
> To solve this situation, I'm making a call to everybody that uses or wants
> to use Zope with Oracle 8i. My goal is finally document the installation
> process and make it work properly.
> Please contact me ASAP.
> Regards,
> Alexandre A. Drummond Barroso.
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