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On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Oleg Broytmann wrote:
>    I did an experiment (after having problems connecting Zope to Postgres)
> - I stopped ZServer and restared Zope in PCGI-only mode.
>    I opened connection successfully!
>    I stopped PCGI and restarted ZServer. I again got BadRequest (cannot
> connect to server).
>    Anyone have an idea why Zope+ZServer cannot connect, while Zope-PCGI
> can?
>    Deeper investigation did not reveal any difference - environments are
> the same, I can connect from command line, I can even import (from
> the Database Adapter) and connect through it from command line...

   On different computer I did an experiment - and connected to MySQL
pretty successfully from Zope+ZServer.


1. MySQL vs. Postgres. No way - I can connect to Postgres from Zope-PCGI.

2. MySQL DA vs. ZPygres DA. ZPygres DA is not ZServer (multithread) ready.

3. Linux vs. Solaris; I run MySQL on Linux and Postgres on Solaris. But
where is a difference? PyGreSQL compiled on Solaris with -R option and does
not require LD_LIBRARY_PATH - the only difference I can think of.

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