Chris Gray:

    I think there is a logical objection to this name [Python Scrpit]:
    inconsistency with "DTML Method" and "ZSQL Method".

Chris Withers:

    These are old, horrible and will hopefully be re-thought and given
    different names ;-)

    > ZIP Method (Zope Internal Python Method)
    > ZoPy Method
    > PyZo Method
    > ZPython Method


    All imply there is soem difference between the Python used by Zope 
    and any other python ,which isn't, and never should be, the case...

This is why I proposed Python ZMethod. I further propose that ZMethod
be used generally for anything that Zope considers a method (but which
may not necessarily be a method in the implementation language - here,
Python). Thus we'd have DTML ZMethod, SQL ZMethod, Perl ZMethod. This
puts the decoration where it is most appropriate, i.e. ZMethod, and
leaves us to qualify it by the natural name of the implementation
language - Python, Perl, DTML, SQL, Tcl, whatever.

Hamish Lawson

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