On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, Chris Withers wrote:

> To Hamish, the other Chris, and anyone else who's going to jump in on
> this.
> To be quite blunt, this has now been _decided_ as I understand it. So
> it's pointless to keep arguing and suggesting new and different names.
> We now _have_ a president and it's name is 'Python Script' ;-)

With all due respect to everyone, this should not be considered a closed
issue.  My understanding is that there would be a vote for a name.
Skipping that in the name of getting things moving after it was offered by
Digital Creations seems to go against the open source nature of the
product.  Not to mention that the name chosen does nothing to distinguish
it from an everyday Python "script" outside of Zope, which is what sparked
the name change to begin with.  "It's not really a Python method, so let's
change the name."  Well, it's not just a "Python Script" either.  It's

I agree with Hamish Lawson on the renaming of methods to use a language
name with a ZMethod suffix for consistency and for all of the other
reasons he mentioned.  The argument that all documentation would be
rendered incorrect should not be an excuse for keeping bad naming
conventions.  A document describing new names vs. old names could easily
be provided in the book and in an easily accessible location on the Zope
site.  Over time the "problem" would go away and we would end up with
something that is consistent, representative, and easy to understand. On
that same note, maybe Zope *should* provide an "alias" for
bobobase_modification_time and depricate its use?  Maybe I'm pushing it on
that one since I don't know what major internal chaos it might cause, but
I hope you understand my point.  The new getId() comes to mind as an
example in the right direction.

Please, Digital Creations, keep this issue open for consideration in the
name of a better product.  *Before* the book is published is the time to
pick a naming convention that isn't confusing.  I do care about the name.
I took great care in naming my child, and though it's not quite the same
thing, I think DC should do the same.

Thanks, and I *love* Zope.

Ron Bickers
Logic Etc, Inc.

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