Any idea of what version of ZDiscussions... since I do have a little 
something to do with that. I have been able to do upgrades.


At 12:41 PM -0500 11/28/2000, Chris McDonough wrote:
>"ZDBase" isn't part of Zope 2.2.4.  It's an add-on (but you probably knew
>that already).
>The ZDiscussions product AFAICT does something very wrong when it installs
>itself for the first time.  There have been numerous reports of problems
>with it when the Zope underneath of it changes.  I don't know why.  It'd be
>great to get it figured out.  I have a feeling that it plays games by
>installing some sort of singleton somewhere in the objectbase which doesn't
>get cleaned up when it's uninstalled.
>Other folks said packing didn't help.
>"ZODB corruption" (which I continue to maintain --somewhat quixotically--
>that it's really not, not in a literal sense anyway) will continue to
>manifest itself in the way you see it now.  If it's not otherwise
>interrupting operations, the only continued symptoms will be the oid errors
>you see.  You might be able to "start anew" by exporting all the objects in
>your Zope root to .zexp or .xml files (as well as all your TTW ZClass
>Products) and by subsequently reinstalling them in a new 2.2.4 instance
>(along with any requisite disk-based Products).
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>Subject: Re: [Zope] Possible disaster upgrading to 2.2.4
>>  ok, its deffo to do with my data.fs cos the errors only start after that
>>  has been copied across. But the errors are different if i compare
>>  the console output from a failing 2.2.4 to a 2.2.0. If i do not install
>>  zdiscussions on 2.2.0 i only get the oid errors as items requiring display
>>  are requested from the database. with 2.4.4 i get the extra cannot import
>>  errors before zope starts regardless of whether zdiscussions are installed
>>  or not. something in zdbase is very different in 2.4.4.
>>  questions:
>>  1. Will packing my data.fs help? I havent done this since well never.
>>  2. Is the potential corruption of my data.fs likely to explode in my face
>>  without warning or is it/ will it only manifest itself during things liek
>>  product installs, upgrades etc?
>>  cheers
>>  Jonathan
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