Nice site

A small suggestion for the shopping basket.

It is really great the way you describe the 4 steps involved in making a
purchase. But it would be really nice if you added som information allready
in step one in regard to payment methods.

I would get rather crossed if I got to step 4 and found out that my prefered
method of payment wasn't included. I would also be more inclined to buy if I
could see upfront that I could use my Visa.

Furthermore Icons with credit cards, verisign etc. on the payment page make
customers trust the site several times more than sites without it. (It's
been tested)


    Max M

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Just announcing this new e-commerce zope based site.

Come buy something, but don't whack it too hard, this site is still a
work in progress (aren't they all?)


This site was "thrown together" in about 5 days for a disorganized
customer, came online just 30 minutes before it's first sale.

They had a big ad in the New York Times which pushed the deadline.


Zope 2.2.4 with Interbase, gvibDA and Wampum Generator running
behind Apache with mod_proxy and mod_ssl, on RH Linux 7.

I'm thinking of writing a white paper on this entire experience, from a
consulting point of view and a programmer's viewpoint. Not sure how
useful that would be to anyone.

There were 2 graphics/layout designers and myself working directly with
the customer to go from concept to completion in an extremely short

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