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there is an upgrade in the works. ;-) I'm working out the
kinks with a way to do documentation/modeling with ZPatterns.
Hopefully within a week or two...


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    >> Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said: >...I disagree,
    >> ZPatterns only major flaw is that its totally immersed in >its
    >> own jargon which very few people understand :-(
    >> >
    >> >That said, my impression is that if you can wade through the
    >> b/s, it's >more than worth the effort...
    >> >
    >> Hmm, maybe it's the time for a translate-zPatterns-to-english
    >> effort?

    Dario> Yes, I totally agree. It seems that Zpatterns is the thing
    Dario> I need to make tru my vison of self-contained
    Dario> plugin-components for the site(s) I am developing. However
    Dario> I since I am still strugglig with the concept of
    Dario> aquisition, the Zpattersn terminology makes my head
    Dario> spin. :-)

    Dario> /dario still digging...

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