Cees de Groot wrote:
> Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> >...I disagree, ZPatterns only major flaw is that its totally immersed in
> >its own jargon which very few people understand :-(
> >
> >That said, my impression is that if you can wade through the b/s, it's
> >more than worth the effort...
> >
> Hmm, maybe it's the time for a translate-zPatterns-to-english effort?
> --

In fact, IMHO the problem is not so much a translation (of concepts) to
English, because there are a few of those. 

See pje's own DropZone Example

and Shane's more basic explanation of what is what

The basic problem as I experience it is not so much the jargon, because
you get used to it. I'll add some more specific questions where my
understanding gets muddled to illustrate this

Where _I_ get stuck is:
1) How do Racks (and their associates) relate to normal propertysheets
and how to attributes. What is the relation to objects? 
2) What do I add to a Rack and what to a Specialist to get a) a property
b) a propertysheet c) an object
3) How do I switch from one implementation to another (for example from
persistent storage to non-persistent storage) and what parts do I have
to update
4) if I add a SkinScript, what does it really do? How does it relate to
my Rack, and how to the Specialist? How can I use it and where do I use
it - in the Rack or in the Specialist, or do they both have their own
5) How do I talk to a Specialists? What will it say back? For example,
if I have a 'virtual object' (let's say a person that gets its
properties from ad RDB and is accessed by its name), should I be able to
access it by direct URL traversal <blabla>/WhateverSpecialist/Name or do
I add a querystring <blabla>/WhateverSpecialist?name=Name

There should just be some annotated step by step guides. I'd like to add
some, but i first have to find out how ;-(

my 2 cents


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