* Jason Byron ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [001223 01:04]:
> There are two files:
> /lib/python/ZPublisher/HTTPResponse.py
> /lib/python/OFS/Application.py
> that contain error pages hard coded in.
> you get the HTTPResponse.py code for errors like:
> 403: 'Forbidden',
> 404: 'Not Found',
> 405: 'Method Not Allowed',
> stuff like that.
> This error code is not parsed like normal dtml and so
> you can't simply replace it with: 
> """<dtml-var standard_error_message>"""
> I think this is because these are standard error codes
> that have to do with the web server and they must work
> even if the object database doesn't.
> There must be a more detailed reason why these errors
> aren't connected to the db, but someone else will have
> to answer that one. :)

Well I'm very tempted to start mucking in and letting it call an
'external' python method of some sort.  At the very least, I'd like
the page to be able to look up a list of 'words' and redirect to a
webpage if it matches....


It finds the keyword fish, and sees there is a legit URL:

And redirects it.

But that'd need t ZCatalog at least.



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