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>> problem. Zope is more closed in that regard. Well anyways when you know
>> enough about Zope to make a hack, you probably also know how to do it the
>> right way.

>Sadly, that's true, but changing I think...

Oh don't misunderstand me. I am just about getting over the "Zope wall" and
it has been well worth the climb. 

Everything is so much faster than in any other system I program in. OK a
hitcounter I could probably do faster in php or asp, but that's not really
the problems I try to solve.

For real world web application I have yeat to see anything beat Zope/Python.

You just got to accept to do it the "Zope way" or you will be in a world of
pain. :-)

People like me who has used asp, php etc. for years has better forget what
we know when starting on Zope, and then take it 1 step at a time.

Sometimes in the process I have been so tired of Zope and tried to think out
a smarter way to do things and then after having a heureka moment when I get
a brilliant idea, I have nearly allways thought a little bit harder about it
and discovered that Zope usually does it that way allready.

So learn to live with the quirks and Just Do It.

Regards Max

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