Max Møller Rasmussen wrote:
> Ie. if you have trouble understanding the security mechanism in Zope you are
> lost until you understand it.

Not really, you can leave it like it is (where nearly everything is
anonymously accessible) and build your own ;-)

> If you have trouble with the Enhydra security mechanism, you can allways
> write your own.

I'm sure it's not as easy as that...

> Sometimes you can get stuck in Zope for days, without knowing how to
> proceed, 

The documentation is getting a lot better...

> or without knowing how to find out, 

How about the mailing lists or the #zope irc channel? I bet both get you
better results than any commercial support you could buy. 

> the Zope way. In a commercial setting that is very dangerous when you work
> on a deadline.

Well, if it's really crucial, you _can_ always buy support from DC...

> In a simpler system you have to do more yourself, but you won't be painted
> into a corner as easily, as you can allways do a "hack". 

if you know python, there's no reason why you can't do the same in Zope

> problem. Zope is more closed in that regard. Well anyways when you know
> enough about Zope to make a hack, you probably also know how to do it the
> right way.

Sadly, that's true, but changing I think...



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