So I have a question for any zope/xemacs/emacs users out there...

Since entering the word of emacs about 5 months ago, I've fallen in
love.  At work I now just about live in emacs -- well, actually in
xemacs.  I've even gone so far as to start using gnus for all my mail
and news.  And I at work I use efs to access most of the code that I
work on.

Unfortunately, I seem to have a nasty problem with efs and Zope --
about 1 in 6 or 7 times I try to access Zope with efs I manage to kill
Zope!  And this in not just one install of Zope, nor is it one
specific instance of xemacs/efs.  I've killed Zope 2.2.x installed on
RedHat6.2 and 7.0, Debian, LinuxPPC and Win98.  I've managed to do
this with two different installs of xemacs on two different machines.
In one case I was using the xemacs RPM that comes with RH6.2
Powertools, and in another case I'm using the gtk-xemacs from xemacs
CVS.  (and boy is it purdy!)

Is this normal, or am I cursed in some way?  I just download the
2.2.3b1 version of Zope, dropped on a RH7.0 workstation and managed to
kill it again.  The strange thing is, I never have any other stability
problems with Zope.

I'd LOVE to be able to use efs with Zope.  Right now I end up cutting
and pasting code in and out of browser windows -- which just feels
kind of unwieldy...

Thanks for any help or words of solace...


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