I am looking for a workflow (WF) linked to a electronic document management 
   (EDM) system and a groupware email based (I have just happened to come 
   accross aethera from the Kompany) that would be free software and preferably 
   in Zope + Python. The WF+DEM system I am looking for need to be usable with 
   only a browser (to be independant from the client ... that could be 
   proprietary !), store its data into a postgresql database. It should be 
   demonstrablable (at least showable into a proof of concept) within 2 weeks 
   and be already installable and usable within 2 or 3 months. (I have obtained 
   taoday that the date when we'll decide on the system would be postponed 2 
   weeks from wednesday 24/1 to wed 7/2)
   If I could find such a marvel, I may find the money to pay for it, at least 
   50000 $ to start with (this amount is a rapid guess; I may give more precise 
   amounts we could spend in the following week) 

   The idea is to use that combination of tools INSTEAD of buying a closed, 
   proprietary solution (that may exist but be expensive and really har to 
   parametrize), that NEED to be linked to a SAP ERP system. 

   All suggestions and ideas are welcome, also on the selection criteria.

   (I happen to be responsible for the IT dept of the public institution that 
   wants to buy such a tool, but be new in the place and do not yet know a lot 
   about WF and EDM !)

   Soon I may be able to give you more details about the requirements.

I don't think there is such as system polished and ready within 2
weeks. Here are some starting points:

use wftk as a basis, the open source workflow toolkit -- http://wwww.vivtek.com/wftk

use openflow, a Zope based, but stalled project, http://openflow.sourceforge.net

use Chautauqua, an old python based workflow system,

use the old UCI Endeavors workflow (java) system
 at http://www.ics.uci.edu/pub/endeavors/endeavors.html

We have not bit the bullet and built anything yet.

Albert Boulanger

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