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But please note, this is very hostile web design. I would suggest you re-think your need for such a "feature".

"Hostile" is an excellent word for that kind of behavior. It certainly breaks quite a few rules in the "user friendliness" book.

So what exactly is the goal for following such a user-defeating technique?


If I might disagree, keeping a stable URL is not, by itself, "user-defeating". For example, user's do not like browser history clutter with subfolders and objects - all from the same application.

Also, we do not want a user to open browser history and click Because that would be "out of context". Sure you can respond with an error message. But why should they see it in the first place?

With a stable URL they just click and they get the main page - every time.

The question remains - is there an elegant solution to this.

I think there is. Maybe 3 years ago Jim Penny wrote a message (I wish I could find it now!) regarding a web technique which I believe he referred to as the "stateless machine".

I liked the idea and have used it ever since.

The idea is to use index_html as a request dispatcher. index_html simply responds to page requests and pulls in zpt macros, dtml and python code displaying to screen. An example:

request = context.REQUEST
if request[caller] == 'Budgeting':
 if request[action_type] == 'Process':

and the caller looks like ...
Zpt module Budgeting
<form name="budgeting" action="index_html">
<input type="hidden" name="caller" value="Budgeting">
<input type="hidden" name="action_type" value="" > <---- see with javascript
<input type "button" name="process" value=" Process " onclick="Process()">


I believe that this technique is not only useful in the "stable" URL way, but it is very useful for larger applications - index_html becomes the "engine" driving the whole application. This centralizes a big chunk of application logic in one place.


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