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Garito wrote at 2005-5-21 13:29 +0200:
Dieter Maurer escribió:
A long standing bug in "KeywordIndex"...

Maybe, you give my "Managable KeywordIndex" a try
(part of "ManagableIndex").
I can't understand the lack of concern you talk about unresolved bugs in Zope

I am a big Zope user who also files occational bug reports and
patches. However, I cannot fix bugs in Zope directly (due
to excessive demands with respect to patents, I am not willing
to sign the contributors agreement).

I am not very concerned about unresolved bugs because:

 *  Zope is open source. I can fix any bug which seriously hampers
    my work -- not in the public Zope sources but in our sources of

    To keep upgrades possible despite local modifications,
    we maintain Zope in a source code control system (CVS currently).
Poor. 1 Zope developer, 1 Zope version, 1000 Zope developers, 1000 Zope versions?

 *  I am a pragmatist. When I know there is a problem and
    I know how to avoid it, I just avoid it.
If I know where the problem is I report it to fix the bug

    Especially, I am no longer concerned with bugs in
    Zope's indexes since I have "ManagableIndex".
    I believe "ManagableIndex" it is more flexible, more efficient
    and has less bugs than the stock Zope indexes.
Why 2 ways?:
   1.- Official one doesn't work
2.- Unofficial one who needs some duplicated dependency (OFolder seem very similar to Ordered folder don't you thing?)

If I can't maintain my system clear and simple I change my application server: easy

It seems Zope is not a serious tool. Imagine you want to buy a car but the seller says: in these model there are a bug on the brake system but I you put these extra no problem

The keyword index bug is far less serious than a bug in the brake
system of a car. I think, I wrote about 5 times "a long standing bug"
in the last two to three years. There are apparently not that many people
concerned about this bug.

Perhaps but *your product doesn't work properly* any diference if you was a brake system producer (here I'm talking with the keyword index original developer)

How can I convince my customers to use Zope with these kind of searchable information?

You tell them that you can fix serious problems yourself because Zope
is open source -- if there is not already a fix around
(I told you that "Managable KeywordIndex" does not have this problem).

Anyway (I see I can't do anything to change your way of life)

Another question for the main Zope developers group

Did you plan to make some make-up to simplify Zope?

In my opinion Zope has at least one competitive advantage: the fresh concept about objects but these kind of advantage is lost when the code grows and grows


PD: I don't want to create controversy. I'm developing some code and the *MAIN* feature is **MINIMUM**

Mis Cosas

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