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A wild guess: Your post works, but returns a redirect to a nother
page, which returns nothing. This will look exactly like notyhing
happened at the browser side.
Yes, looking at Z2.log it seems it but If I execute the action url
manually it works like I expect

Any idea?
Since we're not able to guess what your code is doing (well, I, at
least, am not able to...), you could perhaps post it ?

One thing that strikes me is the final slash in
"POST /Papeles/Yanged/Links/Eliminar/"

What is "Eliminar", exactly ?

Links/Eliminar is the execution path

Oh yes ? Really ? I sure wouldn't have guessed

(using traverse_subpath)

But if I execute the action URL directly on the browser it works fine

Garito, if you expect anyone here to be of any help, please provide
*useful* informations. When I ask ">> What is "Eliminar", exactly ?", I
of course mean "what kind of object is it" (ie: a dtml method, a python
script, etc...).

PS: You may want to read this:

Hi Bruno
http://yanged:8280/Papeles/Yanged/Links/Eliminar is an url that if I call it from my browser executes some python scripts that I define in a XML file

Then Eliminar is a string not an object nor a method because, as I told you some mails ago, I has it via traverse_subpath The real Object (travesed) is Yanged that is a mixed object with a ZCatalog and a folder (like plone portal_catalog)

When I ask for Yanged/Links/Eliminar I ask to the XML file to see what Python Scripts or Page Templates give back to me and the I execute them

But, I think its very interesting for me that an action url don't work if I submit the form but works if I call it directly from the browser. Interesant, no?

PD: thanks for the smart-questions page, very interessant!
PD2: sorry for the personal mail I send you (2 mails) but if you push reply button only the personal email is used. It's necesary to push reply all one, sorry!

Mis Cosas

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