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David Pratt wrote:
> Hi Chris. Thanks for your reply.
> My understanding (which may be flawed) is that ZTUtils iterator provides
> values of a sequence as you iterate over them with a repeat statement. 
> I believe what I am trying to do is sensible.  I have looked at the api
> and can't seem to get the right magic using the methods  provided. 
> Tabindex for forms keeps track of tab position so when you use tab key
> it moves the cursor to next field tabindex in form .  So if I have 5
> input fields from top to bottom, I want to define an iterator object,
> and obtain the next number in the iterator when zpt does its thing to
> create the form so that I would have a tabindex starting at 1 and next
> field value would be 2, then 3 etc.
> A range by itself doesn't do the trick since it provides all values to
> the variable where I am looking only for a single number incremented to
> the next value.

- From $ZOPE/lib/python/ZTUtils/Iterator:

 __doc__='''Iterator class

 Unlike the builtin iterators of Python 2.2+, these classes are
 designed to maintain information about the state of an iteration.
 The Iterator() function accepts either a sequence or a Python
 iterator.  The next() method fetches the next item, and returns
 true if it succeeds.

 $Id: Iterator.py,v 2003/11/04 19:27:43 evan Exp $'''

Note that last sentence, which explains why you are seeing the '1' value
everywere.  'tal:repeat' over a range should get you what you want;  I
don't think you *need* an iterator for your use case.

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