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 > ZEA's registration represents an abuse of registration
 > and management of international trademarks and the
 > misappropriation of a mark that is clearly the property
 > of Zope Corporation.

So why is Zope Foundation being used as a pawn in the corporate
strategies of Zope Corporation? I find this unclear intent pretty

Why did not ZEA came up with such arguments against the ZF *much earlier*?

Speaking for me, I felt asking this type of questions suspecting ZC to found ZF for its own sake would not have helped.

Having a Foundation is a major step if we can manage to have it built community-oriented.

If you remember well, I did ask some questions about the tone of the IRC chat which I did not feel as an opened discussion : rather I felt it as a suite of questions/answers about things that were presented like facts.

I had the feeling that my reaction was already misunderstood my some of the attendants. So I did not even think of speaking of the trademark question... which had striked me as one of the critical points : IIRC, the TM was the first thing mentioned in ZC longer explanation.

The ZF proposal is out since some weeks. There was meanwhile an IRC chat with Rob, a lengthy discussion on the mailing list and Rob spoke at Europython. I can not remember having heard any objections from ZEA against this proposal. I have not heard any public statements of Paul Everitt at Europython during the ZF presentation *against* the ZF.

There is nothing against the ZF : there is sthing against ZC being the sole owner of the TMs when the current value of it has been established by the community as a whole, especially out of USA.

This is why I support the proposal made by a few members of the community to have the ZF own the TMs and that would give a perpetual license to Zope Corporation to use it.

For instance,

""" would be far better for everyone if Zope Corporation were instead to transfer the trademark to the foundation and receive a perpetual/irrevocable/etc. license back."""

posted by webmaven on


Speaking as independent developer - neither representing the interests of ZC nor of ZEA - I find these behind-the-curtain negotiations extremely counterproductive from the community point of view and definitely not in the sense of the Zope community.


It's definitely better to speak about it in the open air, where we all will be able to think about it together.

Disclaimer : I'd like to remind english-only-speaking readers that my mothertongue is french not english. IOW, some of my words may need to be explained rather than taken literally.
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