Tino Wildenhain wrote:

The statement of ZC indicates they want to transfer their trademark
to ZF and now find the european trademark in other hands. OTOH, why
not just transfer/licence what they have (the .us trademark) and
just agree to ZEA transfer/licence the european trademark to ZF

No, just the opposite. ZC do *not* want to transfer the marks to the ZF. I do find this position strange. Whilst they are willing to transfer all the IP, for which yes we are grateful. The issue being that many companies around the world are investing marketing money and time in developing and promoting the 'zope brand'. The problem is that this brand now (since ZC renamed from DC) also co-incides with Zope Corporation. The value of this brand is increasing and needs to be protected, hence why the marks have been trademarked in the other companies in which ZC did not register. I am guessing that ZC registered the marks in the countries that are most commercially valuable to them -- an understandable move as it was their bucks paying for it. However the *zope community* extends beyond these countries and needs protection too.

The main conflict arises because:

* The zope community and Zope Corporation use the same word 'zope'
  to identify themselves.
* ZC don't want to let go of their trademarked name as that is a
  major asset to their business.
* Many people in the zope community feel uneasy that a corporation
  which can be bought and sold owns the name of the software that
  they are developing.

All these points are perfectly valid and understandable, but what we need to work out is a way in which we can try and combine and merge these conflicting points in a sane way.

I personally (remember, these views are all mine) welcome Rob's ideas on how to ensure that ZC's potential successors or assigns use the Zope trademark in a fair way. The problem being, I don't see how that can happen if the trademarks are owned by ZC as if the company were bought it would be up to the new owned what would happen with its own property. Yes we could put a contract in place between ZF and ZC to say that ZF can be the arbiter of any disputes, but I don't see how that can remain in place if ZC changes hands.


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