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Hi folks,

I've been using Zope for a while now and found it to be an excellent
solution however I've got a few enterprise questions about the
scalability of Zope that just need to be answered.

[ nb: I'm using V2.72 at the moment, not having moved over to V3 ]

ZODB size
What is the maximum size of this file and/or maximum object ID?
=> just how many objects can the zodb hold? millions? tens of
millions..?? billions...??? I have a feeling we'll run out of ram long
before actually hitting the limit but it'd be nice to know the
theoretical top limit.

Several million objects are common for large installations. The ZODB keeps an internal index of the objects (the size is proportional to the number of objects). In addition you have caches. Their size depends on the configuration. Running a ZEO client with 1-2 GB of RAM for large installation is common.

Managed to serve 500,000 files through extfile - anybody come across an
upper limit here? Planning to serve larger sites off a SAN hopefully -
has anyone tried this?

no idea

Zeo and Cataloging
If I have my site on one server and ZCatalog (using TextIndexNG) on
another server (connected by ZEO) where does the actual index operation
occur? Do just the results get propogated to the catalog?

The indexing work is always happens on the ZEO clients, not on the server.
Just the results are transferred to the ZEO Server.

LDAP Authentication
I understand that can use the LDAPUserFolder Product to provide
authentication against an ldap server. Could I throw,say, 50000+ users
at zope using this system?

This should work in general. Possibly it requires some tweaking here and there depending on your usecases.

Load Balancing and Cookie Based Sessions
Currently we use cookie based sessions via cookie crumbler presumably in
a load balanced server setup we'd have to host acl_users ona  ZEO'd
izope instance somewhere on the backend?

I don't see what sessions have to do with acl_users. In your ZEO setup you have identical data except sessions on every ZEO client. You just have to ensure somehow that users get to the same ZEO client for the lifetime of the session. How this is done depends basically on the load balancer.


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